About Julia Nelao Nangolo

Julia Nelao Nangolo is an information technologist with over 8 years of invaluable practical experience. Her areas of specialization include Laboratory Information Management Systems, Linux Administration, Databases Administration, Applications and Website Development, Business Analysis as well as Project Management..

Training & Educational Background.

Ms. Nangolo obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Administration and Networks in 2010 and since then she has earned various IT certifications including Linux Administration, Business Analysis, and Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner. Despite being Scrum Agile Master Certified and a Certified Expert in SQL Server, Julia Nelao is currently pursuing her postgraduate qualification in Project Management at the University of Stellenbosch due to her firm belief in self-development and life-long learning..

Work Experience.

As a student Julia began her career in IT at the Namibian division of Treart Trading, an Italian based software development company, where she interned as a Web Designer and Systems Administrator. At Treart Trading she gained hands on experience setting up Linux servers and configuring of Linux services which allowed her to hone her software and hardware skills..

Miss Nangolo then spent the next few years of her life in Johannesburg, one of Africa’s most technologically advanced cities, where she was employed at Bureau Veritas as an Information Management Systems Specialist. During that time she toured neighboring smaller towns the most memorable of which were Ogies, Middleburg and Rustenburg where she was actively involved in setting up and configuring laboratory management software..

While working at Bureau Veritas, Julia was afforded the opportunity to undergo training on LIMS, at one of the biggest labs in Perth, Australia. It was in Perth that Julia became knowledgeable on how to configure all laboratory instruments running on Linux (Fedora) including Balances, Labels printers and Analytical Instruments. Her previous training in Johannesburg for which she obtained a Linux Certification prepared the necessary foundation for her to successfully complete the Laboratory Information Management Systems training in Australia..

Julia’s travels also took her to the Ivory Coast, a country that Miss Nangolo has grown particularly fond of for its lively and bustling cities. At La Cote D’Ivoire she not only replaced an entire laboratory system, she also went on to provide training on the new system.

In 2015 she returned to her home country, Namibia where she now applies her knowledge and skills as a Business Analyst. Julia has a passion for executing well run projects and is currently studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management which will allow her to transition to the next phase in a her career as a project manager..

Business Ventures.

Julia Nelao has a broad range of business interests; she is the co-founder of Zyvein Technology Services, a Website and Applications development company based in Windhoek and Johannesburg. She is also the co-founder of Eko Organic Chickens, a poultry farm located in Northern Namibia, which offers well-raised organic chickens. She is the current Country Manager of Impact SHERQ Namibia; a company with a global footprint in the field of Safety, Health, Environment, Hygiene, Risk and Quality management..


As a human capital development enthusiast, Miss Nangolo is on a personal mission to extend a helping hand to students especially those classified as unemployed graduates... The current education system produces more job-seekers than job-creators which unfortunately promotes a culture of dependence. Therefore, in as her contribution towards the promotion of a drive towards self-sufficiency Julia Nelao will be offering practical lessons during weekends in order to equip the unemployed youth with much sought after Informational Technology skills. There are six (6) main topics that will be covered in this training namely:.

1. Website Design,

2. Website Development,

3. Graphics Design,

4. Creation and management of databases,

5. Business Analysis and,

6. Project Management.

Julia Nelao draws inspiration from the IHUB initiative in Kenya and would strive to implement a similar platform in Namibia where the community can all come together in coming up with innovative ideas that will positively impact not only Namibia but Africa at large.